Integrated Marketing.

Who is KennedyC you ask?

Marketing is all about evolution, and at Kennedy Communications, we see ourselves as master of adaptability, flexibility, creativity, accountability and results. When Bill Kennedy struck out on his own in 1983, the advertising landscape had barely shifted. In the three decades since, the industry has been the model of dynamic change—and Kennedy Communications has thrived in the chaos.

Award Winning.

At KennedyC, we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Our philosophy is a simple one: we are channel masters. (This is not to be confused with channel surfers, although we would never turn down an Indiana Jones marathon.) We build our message with the distribution in mind. Need a TV commercial? Got it. That translates socially? Handled. Can it be tailored to a banner campaign? Already done. Need the results sent to the corporate office? We emailed it to them 5 minutes ago.


Featured Projects.

If the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, consider the people at Kennedy Communications blissfully barefoot.
While many other agencies invest in branding themselves, the only brand we care about is yours.

Our Happy Clients.

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