About KennedyC

At KennedyC, we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We create ideas that people remember. Ideas that demand attention, make people laugh, cry, think and buy.

Our clients come for ideas and stay because the ideas work. Our average customer relationship is over 14 years.

Who Are We?

Bill Kennedy opened the doors of Kennedy Communications in 1983. His previous agency experience laid the foundation for a mid-size agency in Madison that would serve local, regional, national and international clients in the most service-oriented, cost-effective manner possible.

Today, KennedyC provides integrated advertising and interactive campaigns. Like most progressive and aggressive agencies, we handle all offline and online marketing needs. From direct mail to email and cable TV, Facebook to YouTube, KennedyC is your one-stop, one-click, one-Like shop.

KennedyC Philosophy

We would rather outthink than outspend – it is that simple. Our commitment to research coupled with an attitude of innovation gives our portfolio of clients an edge when it comes to making the cash register ring year in and year out.

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