Instead of concentrating on buzzwords, we like to discuss bottom lines, company growth, industry challenges and untapped opportunities.



Strategic Consulting

Marketing is a puzzle, and it helps to have all the pieces. That is where Kennedy Communications comes in. Our strategic consulting services help our clients figure out where they want to go with their brand, build a playbook around those goals and help execute. Instead of concentrating on buzzwords, we like to discuss bottom lines, company growth, industry challenges and untapped opportunities. But be prepared: KennedyC’s own brand is predicated on the tough conversation, and solving the tough problem. To us, consultant is not Latin for “don’t rock the boat.” Strategic consultancy means we know the difference between what you want to hear and what you need to hear. We favor the latter.


Interactive Marketing

In 2006, Bill Kennedy saw a storm ripping through conventional marketing. It was the Internet. While websites themselves long predated Bill’s eureka moment, he realized that if he did not create a strong digital presence with every client, he could kiss his agency goodbye. Today, KennedyC’s online products and services are a national force to be reckoned with. The growing interactive team has hundreds of websites under management, along with the tools to drive consumers to those sites, including AdWords campaigns, email marketing, and SEO initiatives. On top of the front-end design and back-end updates, the interactive department prides itself on meticulous reporting and constant communication with clients.


Media Planning/Buying

Media planning and buying is part science, part art and 100% thought leadership. The very roots of KennedyC can be traced back to media planning and buying, and it remains a major element in our communications philosophy. Unlike many competitors, the KennedyC media team does not rely solely on relationships with vendors to place media buys, we invest in the research to ensure our clients get the most bang for their buck. Arbitron, Nielsen and Rentrak subscriptions give KennedyC an edge when it comes time to buy media locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. It’s our experience, then, that puts those plans over that edge, often under budget and outperforming the competition.



Public Relations

Public relations is a moving target. Actually it’s more like a lightning-fast, indecisive fruit fly that you need to hit with one arm tied behind your back—at night. Just as advertising has evolved throughout the years, the court of public opinion has also undergone its own drastic makeover with social media, traditional media, online reviews and word-of-mouth rearranging the priorities of public relations professionals. Perspective is our line in the sand. Our team not only knows how to craft a resonant message, but is also equipped with the insight on how that blog post affects SEO. We have contacts at local newspapers, manage over 100 Facebook pages, and radio stations don’t screen our calls. What’s more, we track it all. Public relations goes from luxury to necessity under our watch—just be ready for your close up.


Advertising & Design

On the surface, Madison, Wisconsin and Madison Avenue share little more than a name. If you dive deeper, the same kind of innovation that has spawned TV shows and the resurgence of the office bar, can be found throughout the offices at 9 Odana Court. For more nearly 30 years, KennedyC has been offering solutions to clients trying to impact an increasingly wary and savvy client. The company has had to adapt to a time where families make decisions based on Facebook posts and website design, while still being swayed by clever slogans. Some get intimidated by the chaos, we get creative. While our account team keeps the client informed and within budget, our production artists, designers and copywriters continue to amaze and to inspire. We have the awards and more importantly, the results, to prove it.


Branding & Identity

Who are you? Who would you like to be? How do you get there? These are three simple questions that take some brands years to even start answering. In the meantime, internal marketing and sales teams run rudderless in a sea of fads, trends and incomplete ideas. At KennedyC, we love the challenge of branding. Sometimes it takes an outside voice to articulate the unique challenges a company is facing and is set to face, and that is where we come in. A business’ identity reaches far beyond a new logo and color palette; it should be felt in every sales pitch, every memo, every email and every meeting. We know who we are, and we are here to help you.

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